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Heritage Days

Mas des Tourelles - Beaucaire

From 16/09/17 to 17/09/17

Mas des Tourelles in Beaucaire will be hosting an experimental archeology initiative with the recreation of a full-scale, fully-functioning Gallo-Roman winery to give you a glimpse of Romain winemaking techniques in the presence of two experienced archeologists. The day includes a visit of the Gallo-Roman cellars, a big-screen film on the Roman harvests, exhibitions, an introduction to the flavours and aromas of Roman wines (with grape juice for children) and a picturesque stroll through gardens, Roman vineyards and archeological remains. You can also visit a recreation of a perfumery and Roman fresco situated in a Herculaneum house, restored in 2015 thanks to works by Jean Pierre Brun, Professor at the Collège de France. This outstanding reconstruction features a fully functioning perfume press as well as a documentary on the ancient art of perfume making.

Opening times
From 2:00pm until 6:00pm. Free admission on Heritage Days.