Marlene Angelloz

After 15 years’ experience in BtoB communication (SME and international group), I am putting my expertise and knowledge to use in the service of viticulture. A graduate of the Wine University of Suze-la-Rousse, I am devoting myself to the world of taste and wine, under the guidance of enthusiastic professionals (restaurant owners, sommeliers, wine-growers…).

Wine has always been a feature of our family meals. To gain a better understanding of it, I first studied for a diploma in sensory analysis and wine-tasting, then a technical and commercial qualification. Convinced of the rich diversity of this industry, it was natural to combine my great passion with earning a living.
My job is to promote Grenache, a grape variety emblematic of the southern Rhone Valley, all over the world through the Grenache Symposium association. The world’s most widely planted grape variety, Grenache is used to produce a great variety of white, rosé, red, VDN (sweet fortified) and even sparkling wines.
The association organises events at which producers present their wines in a convivial setting (G-Nights), technical workshops for the growers (G-Techs) and a major annual gathering: World Grenache Day, on the third Friday in September. Everyone, whether amateur or professional, can celebrate the wide range of wines made largely or wholly from Grenache.

A great lover of Mediterranean wines, I thrive on encounters and would like to help growers share their work and enthusiasm with as many people as possible. Every bottle opened is a new opportunity for sharing and friendship, a real discovery.

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