Michel Hermet

President of the Union de la Sommellerie Française (French sommeliers’ trade association) since January 2011, Michel Hermet is a “hands-on” sort of person: in the catering trade, in Nîmes, where his Cheval Blanc Wine Bar, opposite the arena, sets a high standard; and also in viticulture, as he passionately maintains the family tradition of working the vineyards and producing quality wines.

After training as a sommelier in Nice and spending time in Burgundy, it was in Montreal that he became a true professional, always eager to learn but sure of his tastes and choices.

Since he settled in Avignon, as well as participating fully in the life of his Association, he has taken on the role of ambassador for the wines of this region, and for French wines generally, on his many trips abroad. He has plenty of stories to tell.

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