Philippe Cambie

I was born at Pézenas in the Hérault, where the family of my mother, Jacqueline Blasco Villalonga, owns a vineyard. You might say I was born among the vines! In fact, I am died-in-the-wool “Mediterranean”, and my love of Grenache must surely derive from my background.

The first steps in my career were not directly related to wine. I first obtained a diploma in food-processing at Montpellier, then I attended the École Nationale Supérieure de l’Industrie Agroalimentaire.
During my studies, I acquired an in-depth knowledge of microbiology, which is in some ways closely related to what happens during wine-making. Not entirely satisfied with the direction my career was taking, I decided to change direction and went to Montpellier to study for a qualification in oenology. After several experiences in the wine trade, I set up as a consultant in the heart of the Rhone Valley in 1998, and I am still doing the same job.

I am really addicted to Rhone wines, particularly those made from the Grenache grape. They are truly great because they evoke such strong emotions. Ours is an extraordinary region, producing easy-drinking wines to delight the wine-lover, as well as wines of great complexity and character!

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