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Wine Trail

Around Avignon

This tourist trail extends around Avignon, the City of the Popes, the centre of christianismine the XIVth century

In the 14th century, Avignon became the centre of Christianity. On this trail you will come across a host of edifices that reflect the hectic endeavour of the pontifical court during this era. The imposing Palais des Papes, the famous Pont du Saint Bénézet, the superbly conserved city remparts, and the great many churches and chapels, are true architectural gems. Avignon is now the capital of the Côtes du Rhône region, and comes alive each summer for a theatre festival that becomes the city’s pulse.

Your expedition will continue to Châteauneuf du Pape, where the supreme pontiffs built their summer residence, or to Châteauneuf de Gadagne, where writer Frédéric Mistral breathed fresh life into the Provençal language.