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Wine Trail

From Pont Saint Esprit to Saint Victor la Coste

This tourist trail extends from Pont Saint-Esprit to Saint-Victor la Coste in the heart of the northern Gard vineyards aera

This itinerary invites you to discover the Cèze Valley. You are on the right bank of the Rhône, where three members of the Côtes du Rhône Villages AOC – Chusclan, Laudun and Saint Gervais – proudly offer up their soils to the sun.

Here, the southern scrubland courts the vines, and in a secret and unchanging ritual passes on its fragrances of savoury, rosemary and thyme. Venture forth from the Carthusian monastery of Valbonne, or from the Château de Gicon, or wend your way round the many hamlets of Sabran, soaking up the peaceful atmosphere. And the towns of Bagnols sur Cèze and Pont Saint Esprit refuse to be outdone, with their festivals and their historical remains.