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Wine Trail

From Roquemaure to Remoulins

This tourist trail extends from Roquemaure to Remoulins, in the heart of the southern Gard vineyrads area

In the 17th century, the councillors of Roquemaure authenticated the barrels of the local wine by branding them with the letters “CDR”, for “Coste Du Rhône”.They were ahead of their time, issuing the producers with certificates of origin before carting the wines off to distant destinations.

This trail actually leads you through two of the Côtes du Rhône AOC's prestigious crus: Lirac, a thing of rare elegance, and Tavel, which proudly flies the flag as France’s premier rosé. Villeneuve lès Avignon, opposite the city of the Popes and bathed by the Rhône, keeps watch over its rival from the heights of the Fort Saint-André, while the Carthusian monastery provides a benevolent, spiritual stopping-place.