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Dream interview with Sébastien Demorand

Food columnist Sébastien Demorand took time to answer our questions about how he sees the world of food and wine a few decades from now.

 Crédits photo : © Thomas O’Brien

  • Mr Demorand, how would you sum up your initial question of the round-table meeting: what will we drink in 20 years and how?

    “We will drink more ‘knowledgeably’. Consumers are already asking for more transparency and information about the products. The winemaking world will have to learn how to answer this request. But consumers should also make an effort to understand the production codes. We must encourage communication between producers and consumers.”

  • How are wines expected to progress?

    “We are moving towards healthier and more natural products. I dream of a France where wine is 100% organic, to keep our role as the forerunner in the world of fine wines.”

  • Who will pay for this more eco-friendly, more natural production?

    “Popularizing the organic food industry will create an economy of scale. On 2 hectares, we can produce a product with an acceptable cost and purchase price. Then, we have to understand and accept that everything cannot become significantly cheaper. Price should not be the only thing that a consumer notices!”

  • Don’t you think that is being too elitist?

    "Actually, no. Because eating well is not necessarily expensive. We must rethink our eating habits. It also allows us to save money, for "homemade" food is always cheaper than processed food.”

  • What about wine?

    “...the answer will certainly be drink less and drink better. But also produce less, better and differently.”

  • Will future consumers, therefore, be knowledgeable amateurs?

    “Ideally, yes. For consumers to choose freely, they must be trained and informed. This requires, among other things, education.”

  • A dream?

    “Indeed. But above all an obligation. We need to stop asking ourselves about the price of a pound of tomatoes in December!”