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Live From the Vineyards: Luberon

Emblematic of Provence

The Luberon is one of the most southerly wine-growing areas of the Rhône Valley. Emblematic of Provence, the region is especially rich in architectural treasures: cathedrals, castles, hilltop villages and Renaissance buildings.

The appellation's terms of reference require that Luberon wines be made from blends of several grape varieties. The reds and rosés are composed of Syrah and Grenache noir, supplemented by Mourvedre and Cinsault.

Luberon reds are well-rounded, easy-drinking and full of fruit, with flavors of blackcurrant, blackberry and raspberry. Some vintages have peppery notes, but without any loss of the freshness that distinguishes the appellation.

The delightfully fresh rosés come in an attractive range of colors, from the palest to the most shocking pink. On the palate, they exhibit typical red-berry-fruit flavors (strawberry, gooseberry) and in some cases more exotic notes.

The white wines are made from Grenache blanc, Clairette blanche, Vermentino, Bourboulenc, Roussanne, Marsanne, Ugni blanc and Viognier. Blends of these grapes impart both vivacity and elegance to the vines concerned. They exhibit a fine palette of flavors, ranging from grapefruit to peach in the case of the fruitier wines, and from honey to toast for the more complex vintages.