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Côtes du Rhône Wines "always right"

The Rhône Valley wine region, known for producing critically acclaimed wines that are "always right," recently hosted an exclusive tasting event at Gary's Loft in New York City - Moods of Rhône. Key influencers were invited to sample a variety of delicious offerings from producers and wine merchants who contributed to the legendary winemaking region to experience a 43 percent rise in exports to developed markets, such as the U.S.


This unforgettable experience showcasing the region's distinctive terroir hosted eight rooms and offered 44 different wines to more than 150 buyers, wine merchants, journalists, sommeliers and more industry professionals. Each room of the gorgeous Midtown apartment was designed to showcase Rhône Valley Wines in various atmospheres, situations and entertaining activities, such as cooking demonstrations, casual barbecues, as well as music and family game nights.


"We wanted to give our attendees the chance to sample a variety of different wines from the region, and showcase the versatility and the appropriateness of each for all different occasions," said Christian Paly, chairman of Inter Rhône. "From our globally acclaimed wines, the delicious food offered, to the views of the city when sipping on the Terrace, the event proved to be a success and left many looking forward to their next Rhône Wines experience."


In the last year, Rhône Valley Wines registered a five percent rise in volume and a nine percent rise in value across all markets, while export sales surpassed the 30 percent barrier. With the quality of the wine continuously increasing, a highly competitive range of products and a standout 2012 vintage, Rhône Valley's appellations have a positive future and continue to be among the most competitive range of products in the global marketplace.


The U.S. territory continues to drive the growth of Rhône Valley Wines, as the second largest market in terms of volume and first in terms of value. In addition, Rhône Valley has had the largest growth in the U.S. market over the past three years among all French Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (A.O.C.) regions, with a 14 percent market share. Rhône Valley also ranked as the number two wine region globally in a recent Wine Opinions survey that polled American wine professionals and consumers segments on the enthusiasm for and quality of promotional activities. Much of this growth steps from the fact that Rhône Valley Wines are well perceived in terms of quality within the Premium segment, with most bottles priced within the $10 to $20 range.





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