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US annual tasting: Rhone Odyssey 2015

A journey through time

The second edition of Rhone Odyssey took place on May 20th with a preview access at the 64th floor of the One World Trade Center!

In 2014, guests have travelled through the seasons and the countries with Rhône Valley wines. This year, trade professionals have explored 3 key time periods of the brand: Past, Present and Future, we aimed to create an unexpected journey.

So, come into the time machine to travel one more time with us! Flashback on this incredible moment that our guests lived last month…


Following Moliere path, a nice and funny actors took us by the hand and into the bowels of Rhône, where jadis, the glasses were beginning to fill up ... The origins of Rhône were unveiled, in terms of implementation, viticulture, and soils. 

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Through mushrooms, ramps and other roots, Matt Parker the forager made us explore our environment from global to local. The region really lives in its time and understands its customers by creating some surprising pairings that dulls our taste buds! Our Guests had a funny and interesting time, in the company of a great foraging professional. 

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Let’s enter to the futuristic room with violets neons everywhere and headphones waiting for guests. You can hear something, then someone at the opposite. Who is it? Why are they connected? This is a blind taste test which permits to discover wines and the vision of Rhône for the next years. Even though the world will become more and more technological and immaterial, the region still wants to carry the values of sharing and pleasure among other in real life.

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“You learned a lot going through the entire experience. We learned how Rhône wine has gone from the 600 BC or something like that to 2015 and going forward. It was a wonderful experience. » - Ron Tanner - Specialty Food Association

“Awesome event! The structure of it was really nice, very different from a lot of the wine tastings I've been to. I think they went all out for this one, and the location is really nice, too.” Dan – Eleven Madison Park

“I haven't tasted a lot of French wine in three or four months, so they're all my favorites - full, rich. I miss the Syrah, the grenache, the grenache blanc, you know, those white Rhones. The beautiful aromas on the nose, pretty much everything, everything was great, the wines were amazing”- Luis Betancur – Sommelier at Babbo Boston

Photo credit: © Matt Ellis