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Vinisud 2012

10th edition in the digital age

Workshops and ideas to improve communication using the Web

Over three days, visitors were offered 17 different  workshops, led by 25 speakers. Smartphone applications, points for an effective marketing plan, trends in use of the web by the wine industry, benefits for wine tourism, producers, distributors… the topic was examined from all angles, in the hope that visitors would leave with some bright ideas for their own communication.


Web-based communication of the exhibition 

A daily summary of life at the exhibition was broadcast via the social networks (Vinisud Facebook) (Twitter Vinisud), Vinisud Viadeo , et and on Vinisud’s Mediterranean Wines Blog. In all, 250,000 Internet users were reached in this way.

For the occasion, Vinisud developed and ran a web-TV channel featuring:

-        Major Interviews on essential topics, such as exporting to Asian markets or the potential of the social networks (with Michel Gassier, see box);

-        reports on exhibition activities and exhibitors, shot with a hand-held camera;

-        video contributions from French and foreign wine bloggers (Spain, Germany, China, USA…), at the invitation of Vinisud.





Michel Gassier, Vice-President of the Costières de Nîmes inter-professional association, explains the latest developments in digital strategy.

As a recommendation is the top criterion for choosing a wine, the social networks can be highly effective.


Chaine YouTube Vinisud 

…amplified by bloggers

A large number of bloggers attended Vinisud. Some of their postings reveal unsuspected aspects of the exhibition. Patrick Maclart’s Bourgogne Wineblog showed a keen interest in Rhone wines, despite its Burgundy focus. Having tasted some 500 wines, he recommended a magnificent selection of whites, reds and, of course, rosés. Nina, of Lost in Wine, was ecstatic: “We web 2.0 geeks have not been forgotten!!”, telling of her fascinating meeting with Nicole Rolet and her work in promoting Grenache, as well as the symposium that was being held at the same time as Vinisud in Montpellier: read

Regarding Vinisud and the Syrah Master Class she attended, Quillesdefilles wrote: “some wonderful tastings, for instance of Syrah varietal wines… interesting encounters, a great evening of gypsy guitar playing.” read