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Rhône Wines - with a Woman’s Touch

Rhône Wines - with a Woman’s Touch   Tears and legs, bodies, noses, palates… We borrow so many physical attributes in our attempts to describe...

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  1. Interview with Brigitte Noël, President of the 'Compagnons des Côtes du Rhône'

    Inter Rhône | Published on 27/04/12

    As well as a wine-grower committed to sustainable viticulture, Brigitte Noël is an enthusiastic member of the Compagnons des Côtes du Rhône. As President of this colourful association, she tells us about the rituals and projects scheduled to take place throughout the year. The Compagnons are the keepers of France’s only urban AOC vineyard, a good excuse to get together and celebrate season by season.•••

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  2. Gina Trevier : “Living cookery” and organic wines

    Inter Rhône | Published on 22/04/12

    Are you looking for somewhere out of the ordinary to discover some amazing Rhone Valley wines? A new kind of cuisine, balanced and authentic, a slightly quirky but warm welcome? Then why not visit Gina Trevier’s place in Carpentras? Gina does not just run a guest house; she offers a new way of learning about wine, enjoying food, having a good time with others.•••

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  3. Christine Vernay : "To bring this terroir to life, I have explored it yard by yard"

    Inter Rhône | Published on 08/04/12

    At the Georges Vernay Estate in Condrieu, Christine Vernay produces highly prized Condrieu white wines, as well as Côte Rôtie and Saint-Joseph reds. Elected personality of the year in 2012 by the Bettane & Desseauve wine guide, she joins the other thirty or so members of this prestigious “club”. But she is not one to rest on her laurels. Here, she tells us about her first encounter with the terroir she adores.•••

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  4. Claudine Vigier-Barthélemy : "Wine: you take a sniff, are drawn in, and fall madly in love!""

    Inter Rhône | Published on 28/03/12

    “It was no accident that I became a master cheese-maker. As a child, I fell into the cooking pot! It was my grandfather, a wine-grower at Villes-sur-Auzon, who gave me my first taste of sweetened wine!” Today Claudine Vigier-Barthélemy performs an exceptional task, that of pairing the wines of her native Rhone Valley with the most delightful, of foods: cheeses, foie gras, caviar… She has a gift, which she cultivates by sharing with others, in her shop in Carpentras, but also on her travels. This is her story.•••

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